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Charting Your Gravity Forms Submissions: a Comparison of GFChart and GravityCharts


A comparison of charting plugins for Gravity Forms including GFChart and GravityCharts.

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Tools Used


Gravity Forms - Any License

GravityCharts or GravityView All Access License

GFChart - Any License


GravityView just released a new plugin called GravityCharts. I’ve used GFChart for years and I was curious how the new plugin compared. I’ve also used GravityView for years and I know they produce a quality product, so I decided to dig into a comparison and share the results here.

The Developers


GFChart is a Gravity Forms certified developer. GFChart is a division of Mensard, an Australian based company. The GFChart plugin has been around for close to a decade.


GravityView is also a Gravity Forms certified developer. GravityView has been the premier plugin to display Gravity Forms submissions on the front end for years. GravityView also has several standalone plugins including Math by GravityView and Gravity Forms Import Entries.

Full Disclosure

I have worked with both developers to create courses for Gravity.Guide.

The User Interface


GFChart is accessed from the Admin Menu.


GravityCharts is accessed from the Settings menu of the form you wish to chart.

Chart Styles Available


  • Pie/Doughnut
  • Bar/Column
  • Progress Bar
  • Line (with Charting vs. Time add-on)


  • Pie/Doughnut
  • Bar/Column
  • Line/Area
  • Polar Area
  • Radar

Charting Capabilities


  • Responsive Charts
  • Charting vs. Time (with Charting vs. Time add-on)
  • Calculations
  • Add multiple questions (datasets) to the same axis
  • Relative Date Filtering
  • Display results based on logged-in user
  • Conditional Logic (Any/All as in Gravity Forms)


  • Responsive Charts
  • Charting vs. Time (coming soon)
  • Calculations (coming soon)
  • Add multiple questions (datasets) to the same axis (coming soon)
  • Relative Date Filtering
  • Display results based on logged-in user
  • Conditional Logic (And/Or as in GravityView)

Customization Options


  • Individual Color Customization (with Advanced Customization Add-On)
  • Drag and Drop Reordering of Categories (with Advanced Customization Add-On)

This image shows the customization options for a bar chart displaying responses to the question “what is your favorite color” with radio button options of each color in the rainbow and “other.”

Each response option can have its color manually selected.

The 3 bars on the right allow each category to be dragged and dropped into a different order.

  • Display Title (or leave without title)
  • Display or hide legend
  • Select Legend Position (top, botom, left, right, labeled)
  • Code Customizer


  • Predefined Color Palettes
  • Display or hide Title
  • Display or hide legend
  • Select Legend Position (top, bottom, left, right) and Legend Alignment (start, center, end)
  • Adjust Border Width (or remove border)
  • Show or remove x and y gridlines




  • GravityView (native integration)
  • Gravity Forms Survey add-on

Sample Charts


GFChart Bar Chart
GFChart Pie Chart
GFChart Donut Chart


A Word About Support

For me, the support that a developer offers is at least as important as a quality product. Knowing that you have someone to turn to when you hit a roadblock is very helpful!

I can vouch that both developers provide top notch support as well as good documentation for their products.


There is a fair amount of overlap in the capabilities of these two plugins, so how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

I can’t offer a clear answer to that question – it will depend on your needs. Here are a few suggestions:

  • If you need a feature that only one of the plugins offers – that makes your choice easy!
  • GravityCharts is included in the GravityView All Access License, so if you already own it – give it a try!
  • Make sure you compare apples to apples
    • The GFChart Basic license covers 1 or 2 sites; the GravityCharts Single Site license covers 1 site
    • The GFChart All license covers unlimited sites; GravityCharts offers a 5 site and a 25 site license
    • Some GFChart feature require an add-on which requires an upgrade to the GFCharts All license
  • Both developers offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so buy with confidence knowing you can get your money back if you picked the wrong one

In the end, both options provide a great solution to chart your Gravity Forms submissions. Enjoy viewing your data in a whole new way!

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