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Randomize GravityView Search Results


Display your entries in a random order using GravityView search bar.

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Tools Used


Gravity Forms - Any License


GravityView - Any License


Use Case

You may want to show your GravityView search results in a random order to avoid always listing the same entry (person, company, etc.) at the top.


Step 1: Add Your Search Bar

Assuming you’ve already created your form and your View, now you’ll need to add a search bar to allow your visitors to find the entries they’re looking for. (For a step-by-step guide to setting up a search bar, check out my free course on Gravity.GuideExploring GravityView Layouts.)

Step 2: Adjust the View Settings

Once your View is all set up, including the search bar, scroll to the bottom of the edit screen to adjust the View Settings.

If you want to force visitors to perform a search before any results are shown, choose the Multiple Entries tab and check the box next to “Hide view data until search is performed”

Step 3: Randomize Your GravityView Search Results

Next go to the Filter & Sort tab. Here you can choose which field to sort by and then you can select Random order.

Wrap Up

Now you have a View that displays your results in a random order! 

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