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Uploading Your View


When you download a View file from this website, this post will give you instructions to upload it to your website.

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You’ve downloaded your file. Now what?


Download the file from your email


Open the file in your text editor

search for “_gravityview_form_id”

You’ll find something that looks like this:


Replace the highlighted number above with the ID number of your form 

Save the file as an XML file type


Upload to your website

In your WordPress Admin, click on Tools, then Import

Choose WordPress

If the importer is not yet installed, you’ll see the “Install Now” option

Click this, then choose the “Run Importer” link

Choose the file you saved in Step 2 above, then click the “Upload File & Import” button

Once uploaded, visit your Views and you should see the new one.

(Of course, you’ll need GravityView in order for this to work.)

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